Abstrophone – Space | Nikita Shrestha

Abstrophone Lyrics and Guitar Chords

Intro : E  Asus2 ( Play as Guitar 1 Tabs below) – 2

Guitar 1

Guitar 2

Vocal : Nikita Shrestha

Verse 1 

E                           Asus2
Rain drops falling from the sky
E                                     Asus2
Like those tears from my eyes
E                                 Asus2
You were gone so afar
I couldn’t stop you no
E                               Asus2
But you are always here

B        C#m  B   C#m  Asus2
Good  bye  old soul  you are missed
B        C#m B   C#m        Asus2
Good  bye old friend remember you say this
B        C#m  B     C#m Asus2
Death  is      just an   illusion
It never sets us apart
B C#m  B      C#m     Asus2
I  will    meet you we’ll create a new start

Verse 2

E       Asus2
That black day when you left us
E                           Asus2
Still not turned to white
E                          Asus2
Even if I knew it before hand
E                             Asus2
Wish for a proper goodbye

B     C#m Asus2
You will  live
B C#m Asus2
Inside me
B     C#m Asus2
You will  live
…..B   C#m Asus2
In memories

I’ll see you at the other side
I’ll see you


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