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Hello and welcome to LyricalChord. LyricalChord is for the everyone out there who is searching for song’s lyrics, Guitar chords and guitar tabs too. You can search the song by searching it in the search widget or else check the collection page. We make easy understanding of guitar chords where it is played at particular timing. Users will find it very easy so we hope you guys like us, and visit us for more updates.

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We include Youtube embed videos, Song’s Lyrics, correct Guitar Chords and Images of Guitar Tabs. Also the guitar tutorial will be recommended at the end of the page, to make sure that the users play the tabs in correct way. If necessary, strumming pattern of the guitar parts will also be available.

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Search your desired song, if its not there, you can request for the song in the Request Page in the menu. We will help you by adding with accurate lyrics, chords and tabs along with strumming pattern too.

Recent Uploads

Aama – Sushant KC

Aama Lyrics and Guitar Chords Music/Lyrics/Vocal: Sushant KC Music Arrange/Mix /Masters: Rahul Pradhan Capo on 3rd Fret Intro : C  F  C  G ] – 2 C              F            C            ...

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Kaha Jau – Sushant KC

Kaha Jau Lyrics and Guitar Chords Album : Blue Figments Intro : B  F#  E  G#m  F# ] -2 B                                   F# Hera hera suna na bhani, E      ...

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Shabda – Kengal Mehar Shrestha

Shabda Lyrics and Guitar Chords Vocal: Kengal Mehar Shrestha (KMS) Lyrics: Rabi Malla Intro : C  Em  Am  Em  Dm Dm  G  G ] -2 C    Em        Am  Em Ma ta euta shabda huu Dm            G Artha timi hauu C     Em          Am  Em Mero astitwa ...

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Pardeshi – Hemant Sharma

Pardeshi Lyrics and Guitar Chords Lyrics, Compose and Vocal by Hemant Sharma Music Arranger: Suman K.C. Chords to be updated soon Pardeshi navana, pardeshi va chaina Hoo Pardeshi navana, pardeshi va chaina Uustai cha dil chokho, antai mann ga chaina Hoo Uustai cha dil chokho, antai mann ...

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